Uninsured Motorist Coverage

What You Need To Know About Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Having an accident with a driver who has no auto insurance coverage can place you and your insurance company in an unpleasant situation. However, having uninsured motorist coverage allows you to rest assured that you’ll receive coverage no matter what.

While having an accident with such a driver may sound unlikely, since all states legally require drivers to have auto insurance, the fact is that the number of uninsured drivers can go up to 25% in certain places. Uninsured motorist coverage will pay for injuries or damages you, your passengers or your property has sustained due to an accident with a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance coverage, or no insurance at all and is called responsible from the legal point of view.

An uninsured driver means a driver who had no insurance, didn’t have the minimum required amount or was denied coverage by his insurance company and is unable to pay for the damage caused. Hit-and-run drivers can also be classified as uninsured drivers from a bodily injury liability perspective. An underinsured driver, in contrast, is a car owner who had the amount of coverage to meet state minimum requirements but not enough to cover the damage or injuries caused.

If you suffer damage due to the negligence of another driver, the other auto insurance will normally cover your damages. However, some motorists have no obligation protection or had a protective approach that is never again in reality. In some cases, the driver of the other vehicle leaves the accident site and can not be found. Under these circumstances, you can contact your uninsured car protector to pay for your damage.

The state of Florida requires every vehicle to maintain auto insurance coverage and that all drivers have uninsured driver coverage. Kee in mind, a trip to the emergency room can cost around $5,000.

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