What You Need To Know About RV Insurance


If you use your RV (Recreational Vehicle) all the time, you'll need to protect it. RV Insurance isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Of course, you'll want to know how it works. You'll also have questions about its benefits. 

What is RV Insurance?

RV Insurance refers to an insurance policy that provides coverage for all types of RVs. 

These include motor campers, pop up campers, and 5th Wheel Trailers. The amount of coverage needed varies, depending on the size and other properties of the vehicle.

When will you need RV Insurance?

The law requires you to have your RV insured if it is a motorhome. Full coverage is optional depending on whether you have financed your vehicle. It is a wise choice if you drive your motorhome often. 

You should buy insurance for your RV if you have financed it. Lenders want reimbursements on their loans should your vehicle become lost or damaged. If you do not buy RV Insurance, your lender could take out a policy and bill you for it. 

Do you rent an RV?

A rented RV is your responsibility while it is in your possession. Insurance is essential should it be lost or destroyed.

What does an RV insurance Policy include?

1) Collision Coverage

The policy covers your RV should it be involved in a collision with other vehicles.

2) Comprehensive Coverage

RV insurance policy also includes comprehensive insurance coverage. It pays for the repairs to your vehicle should it be involved in an accident other than a collision. Comprehensive Coverage takes into account theft, fire, vandalism, natural disasters, and damage done to it by wild animals.

3) Bodily Injury and Property Liability

This coverage can pay for the medical expenses of those you have injured. It also pays for the damage you may have done to another person's property.

4) Damage Liability

Damage Liability is optional insurance coverage should you be at fault for damaging others' property. It covers the cost of the repairs if you are liable for them.

The benefits of RV Insurance

There are many reasons you should take out an RV Insurance policy with S.T. Good Insurance.

1) The coverage is sufficient

One of the reasons you'll have for buying an insurance policy is to get sufficient coverage for your RV. The payouts from standard vehicle insurance policies may not be enough. The costs of damages may be high because of the price differences between vehicles. Our insurance policy gives you a sufficient amount to pay for your RV in the case of a total loss. The payout will allow you to buy another RV of similar mileage and age. 

2) You get customized coverage

We provide coverage for all kinds of RVs. You may not want extensive coverage if you only use your motorhome occasionally. Feel free to tailor your package according to your needs. We are here for you, whether you need limited liability or full coverage for your vehicle. Our policy covers your RV in the way you require.

3) You can get coverage for personal property

Unlike other vehicles, your RV may serve as your residence. Since you keep your personal belongings and other valuables in it, RV insurance is necessary. You may need a provisional policy for items such as jewelry.

Our friendly consultants are always on hand if you need help with RV insurance. Contact us for a quote at (772) 287-3625. 

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