What You Need To Know About Non-Owned Aircraft Hull Insurance

Did you know that the non-owned Aircraft hull insurance provides the best insurance cover to the non-owner individuals or companies who operate the third party aircraft? The insurance majors on the contingent liabilities and you really need not to own the crew or even worry about the working and the maintenance of the aircraft itself. The insurance majors on the non owned aircraft with the physical damage and also those with limits not exceeding $100,000,000. The Non-owned Hull and liability insurance covers the aircrafts that are assigned with the special uses such as the film production, the power line patrol and also air ambulance are covered by the insurance. other special purposes are the pipeline patrol and also the aerial photo and survey. Who needs this insurance?

It’s a hard quiz, but the answer is simple, you simply need it if at any one point in time you are exposed to risk such as being a passenger in a non-owned aircraft, being a pilot in such an aircraft or even when you got travel permission by the owner. Organizations who employ a professional pilot or even a contract pilot will also need to take the responsibility to cover the personnel. We surely need this insurance when all we travel in or when what we are flying is a non owned aircraft regardless of hire or even approval.

A non-owner user really needs protection against any risky exposures. There are chances that the aircraft owner may have specifications on covering the passengers but this specification is only limited to the owner. For the non-owners, whether you are chartering the aircraft or even the passenger in the aircraft and it happens that you are
the one responsible, then you are really not protected and you will need to get cover from the Non-owned aircraft hull and liability insurance!

The aircraft owners aviation insurance will really protect you since there coverage extend even to the bodily injury but does not really apply to the damages to the aircraft. this protection is never extended to the business entities which of course is you as a pilot, a broker or even a travel department! that’s why you need the Non owned aircraft hull and liability insurance to help you out in instances of the extremes that may lead to risky exposures!

To cut the long story short, you really need to understand how the Non owned Hull insurance operates. They really provide exclusive protection of a separate entity in an insured entity such as an aircraft! that’s why its termed as a non owned insurances. It will take care of the damaged property in a non owned aircraft! it could be you or property in the insured aircraft.

The cost depends on the underwriting process. Ratings here will really determine the cost of your insurance. You just need to know the specifications and get more details. Claims will always be made when an occurrence of misfortune is experienced.

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