What is Special Event Insurance and Do I Need It?

When most people think about getting a new insurance policy, they usually think about it with regards to buying car insurance, home insurance and life insurance, not special event insurance. However, special event insurance is extremely important for business owners such as organizers of special events, as well as vendors. Special event insurance is basically what it sounds like: a very unique insurance policy that is tailored specifically for big events ranging from everything from car shows, weddings, fundraisers, galas and much more. Below are just a few of the many reasons as to why you should consider getting special event insurance and how it can protect you.

Unforeseen events are going to crop up no matter how experienced or how careful you are when setting up and getting ready for the event in question. Accidents like this can happen in the most basic of events or the grandest of types. Special event insurance policies protect the event organizer as well as the vendors when accidents do happen so that they do not get sued or lose out on a lot of money as a result of the accident.

As the event organizer or vendor, you may be in charge of renting out a venue or a private residence where you can hold the event. Whether the event you are planning is going to have ten or five hundred people in attendance, there is likely going to be something that happens that creates a mess or causes some damage, minor or major, to the event space. Getting special event insurance will protect you by fully covering the damages depending on how large of a policy you buy.

Liquor Liability
Most events, especially formal ones, will have some type of bar service or serve some type of drink whether it be wine, mixed cocktails, champagne, or something else. Having this type of insurance will make sure that you are covered and defended if you serve alcohol and someone at the event gets hurt or causes damage to the property as a result of drinking too much alcohol. The vendor does have to charge for alcohol in order for this type of liability to be covered.

Getting a fully comprehensive policy means that every single detail of the event you are hosting is covered so that you as the vendor or organizer are protected and covered by all liabilities.

Getting special event insurance is so important if you are hosting a special event whether it be large or small. It helps to protect the event if any big accident happens and it protects you from being liable should anything occur. It is an absolute necessity to have and just another thing that will ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible!

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